Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi, it is Monday, I am Murphy :)

Hi! My name is Murphy the Poodle. :) I live in Flory-dah with my three hoomins. Thank u for reading my blog. :)

We are going to have a hurry cane here on Monday or Tuesday. That is a big storm with lots of wind. Don't worry, I will stay inside the house. Mom and Dad said they will stay with me. :) We will be okay.

On Sunday, I watched movies with my Dad. We watched a movie with policemen in it. There was a lot of noise. Then Dad watched something else, and I went to sleep. :)

U know what my friend D.R. did? She made chicken! D.R. made chicken for dinner. She had a box of boneless wings and cooked them right in the toaster oven. She also heated up the packet of barbecue sauce that came with it. D.R. made enough chicken for her and her Dad. Also, I got to eat a little bit of crunchy stuff! Mmm, I liked that. It was delicious.  :)

D.R. saw a tiny lizard in the house. She said it ran from the front room into the hallway. I wasn't there to catch it at the time. I will look for it today. :)

Okay, now I am going to sleep. I hope u have a good week. Thank you! :) {{{Luv}}}

Luv, Murphy the Poodle

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hi, it is Sundae :)

Hi! My name is Murphy. I am a poodle. I live with my hoomins. I like them a lot. :)

Today, it rained a little. I had to go out for walkies. I got a little rain on me, but then Dad brought me back.

I have a squeaky toy named Mr. Pig. I kept leaving him in the other room. I did find him, though, so when it was time to sit with Dad and watch tee vee, everything was okay.

My friend D.R. is helping her friend edit a book project. D.R. is very happy to help. :)

Dad is watching the movie "Star Trek IV" tonight. I like it. It has spaceships. I wish it had a dog in it.

D.R. is going to watch a soccer game on the tee vee. I think I am going to take a nap when I'm done watching the movie with Dad.

Thank you! I see u soon. {{{Love}}}

Luv, Murphy the Poodle