Friday, March 27, 2015

Oh boy, my new house is good! :)

Hi, my name is Murphy, and I am a poodle! I live with some hoomins in Flory-dah. They have a good house. It has lots of space. Also, I am allowed to jump on any couch or bed I want. Oh, boy! :)

Here u can see me sniffing the blankie on my hoomin friend D.R.'s bed. I like to inspect everything.

Tonight, I sat in the chair with my Dad, and we watched tee vee in the front room. That was good! Dad likes tee vee shows with cops in them. He also likes movies. Movies are good, because then I get popcorn. :)

I like to kiss hoomins when I say hello to them. I was also a little nervous in my first two weeks at my new forever home, but I am getting better now. I know lots of good places to sit and relax. I am also eating a little more food. This makes my Mom happy. :)

Did u know? I caught a lizard! I bit it, and I was going to eat it, but it got away. I like to chase lizards. I bet I will catch one again.

Okay, that's it for now. I have to help Dad watch the end of the show. Then I'm going to sleep. I see u later. Have a fun weekend. Bye! {{{Love}}}

Sunday, March 22, 2015

O hai, Murphy here :)

Hello! My name is Murphy the poodle. Thank u for looking at my blog. :)

I am having a good time at my new house. Sometimes I get a little nervous and run from room to room, but it is not so bad. My hoomin friends are taking good care of me. I get food and water every day. Thank u, hoomins. :)

Sometimes I hear a noise outside, and I bark a little. I like to protect my house from scary stuff. :)

Guess what? Tomorrow, I am going to the v-e-t. I have to have a check-up, because I am in a new house, and my hoomins want to make sure I am in tip-top shape. Also, I need a wash and a little bit of nail trimming. I don't like that, but I think I will look okay when it is over. :)

D.R. got me two tennis balls and a squeaky toy. It is a duck. I like to chew it. Yesterday, I took it into Dad's room. Dad lets me jump on the bed sometimes. Hee hee! :)

Here is a picture of me. I hope u like it!

Thank u. I will see u again soon.  {{{Love}}}

-- Murphy the Poodle

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I am new here, I am Murphy the Dog! :)

Hi there! I am a dog. My name is Murphy. I am a boy. I am three years old.

Oh, boy! I am excited. :) I came to my new house three days ago. My first Mom and Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, were very nice hoomins. Mr. Marshall had to go to the hospital. He let his friend dogsit for me. He came back from the hospital, and he is okay. :) But he was so tired, he asked his friend, Mrs. Rail, if she wanted to let me stay in her house forever. And the answer was Yes! :)

My hoomin friends are named Mom and Dad, and they have a daughter, D.R., who lives here too. They used to have a Springer Spaniel mix dog named Keisha, who went to Heaven. She was really nice. She sent me messages, saying I could stay with D.R. and her pawrents. Now I feel very good, because I have a new forever home! :)

Oh, boy. I am super excited. I am testing out my new house. I sniff everything. I like to jump on the couch. I also like to jump on Dad's bed. I went in D.R.'s room before, but I was scared of the fan. I like D.R. She pets me, and I kiss her. I like to kiss hoomins. :)

I am going to live here all my life, and have lots of adventures. I hope you will enjoy this blog! :)

Thank u. It is nice to meet everyone. {{{Love}}}

-- Murphy the Poodle