Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hello, it's Toesday

Hi there, it's me! I'm Murphy the Poodle. Welcome to my blog. :)

I am having a good week. I got to watch tee vee with my Dad. He likes to watch movies and the news. I get to snuggle with him on his chair. Whee! :)

My friend D.R. went to play a game called bingo. She put marks on a page with numbers. When this guy called the numbers, you put a mark. If you get a bunch of numbers in a row, you can win green papers. D.R. and her Mom didn't win this time, but it is a fun game to play. :)

D.R. has to go to the x-ray place today and get an MRI of her neck. She is a little bit skeered, but I bet she will be okay. :) Next week, she has to go see a vascular surgeon and find out if she needs surgery on the thing that is stuck in her carrot-head artery. Carotid, I mean. Anyway, she will be fine, I will snuggle with her and make her feel better. :)

There was rain today, so I went to bed early. It is fun to snuggle up to my Mom and Dad. That makes me feel better. :)

Okay, I am going to sleep. I see u later. Thanks! {{{Love}}}

Luv, Murphy the Poodle


  1. Good day Murphy! We've been getting an awful lot of rain too, we huskerboos do not like the rain, we think wooos idea of going to bed early is a good idea:) Play bows,


  2. Thank u, Nanük. :) Sleepy time is good.

    Luv, Murphy the Poodle

  3. murphy....best fishes two D.R., we noe thatz gotta be scaree stuff...we will say a purrayer for her all goes well ~~~~~ ♥♥♥


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