Wednesday, April 15, 2015

O hai, it's me, Murphy :)

Hi there! It's me, Murphy the Poodle. In this picture, u can see me jumping to get a treat. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

My hoomin friends Mom and Dad take me for a lot of walkies. I go out a bunch of times every day! This is good exercise. Also, I get to sniff lawns and stuff. It is fun to go outside.

My friend D.R. sat next to me on the couch today! I snuggled up to her and did a tuck and roll, like an acrobat. Then she pet me and rubbed my tummy. That was fun. :)

I have a new squeaky toy, named Mr. Pig. That is because Mr. Duck lost an ear and didn't squeak anymore. I like to carry around Mr. Pig, to hear the squeak noises.

I am allowed to jump on the bed and sleep there! That is good. The bed is very comfy.

I hope u have a nice week. I see u soon. Thanks. :) {{{Love}}}

Yours truly,

Murphy the Poodle


  1. What a sweet boy you are, Murphy. You sure have settled in nicely at your new home.
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Thank u, Angel Prancer Pie. :) I hope u have a fun weekend!

  2. Mr. Duck lost an ear and could no longer squeak? MOUSES! Never knew stuff like that could happen.


    1. Thank u, Nerissa. :) Mr. Duck had no more squeak. He gone to Squeak Heaven now.


      Murphy the Poodle


Hi, I am a dog named Murphy. Thank u.